How should I download the setup iso

I’m going to download the new version dvd.
last time I used Interet Download manager in windows.
however after further reading I come to know Bittorent and metalink methods are more favoralbe, with the reliablity in mind.
if taking ‘safety’ into account, which is better? use bitorent or metalink in opensuse or use regular download method in windows?
Thanks very much.

The Bittorrent should do fine, I see no reason not to try both though :smiley:

Bittorrent is always my choice. remember you can’t save the DVD .iso to a FAT partition - NTFS is fine.

Bittorent has potential safety hazard in windows.
maybe because you don’t know who are those in that list you’re connecting to and downloading from. and who are connecting you? simply guess.

I’ll study metalink later.

what’s the point of download twice?

I would not worry about it even in windows, if you use the bittorrent link on the opensuse download page it will be safe enough…
Its not like you are downloading on a more risky torrent site such as mininova or something.

No I am just saying if method 1 doesn’t work try method 2.

actually I agree that bittorrent is safe. many mac users download from Demonoid. I’ve been downloading bt up to over 180Gb in one pc, without getting infected even once. maybe lucky;)

Bittorrent a much more reliable way to transmit data. For example, all the suse .iso’s I have ever downloaded with http did not sum up to the correct checksum. A bittorrent download has never failed on me.