How share folder from openSUSE to VirtualBox guest WinXP?

I’ve tried using the “devices->Shared Folders” to create a shared folder but it didn’t work. I still couldn’t see it from the guest OS (winXP).

I also, tried sharing a folder in winXP and then tried adding a network folder in dolphin - also didn’t work.

Any idea how to do this?

You did right… you must set share folders.
You will see it under “My network places” > Entire network > Virtualbox shared folders

you may map it then if you wish

I did check under “My Network Places” and nothing showed up there! I refreshed many times but it never showed up.

Also, what’s the diff. between the permanent and transient folders? I made it a transient shared folder.

the shared folder doesn’t appear just like that (unfortunately). You have to use the “net use K: \vboxsvr<name of shared folder>” command. If you hover the mouse over your virtual box settings -> shared folders settings (where you can add remove edit folders), you can see in a text box below that you have to use this command.

You can also use samba on the Linux to setup a network. Then you can use regular network operations to brows XP from Linux and Linux from XP just like any network.

The addons must be installed in VBox for the shared folder thing to work. You also have to move up to look at the entire network to see the connection it is NOT in your Mynetwork folder.