how run webpage java

There is a webpage using java that I very much want to use. Is it still possible to run webpage java applets in Firefox or Pale Moon, and if so how?

Did you try? What happened?

Firefox disabled support for Java applets in 2018.

Pale Moon, any other browser?

Does anyone still know if Pale Moon still supports Java and if so the directions in enabling it?

As it seems really hard to use a search engine:

Oracle deprecates the Java browser plugin

…in 2016!

If you still insist on using an heavily outdated and unsecure Java version in Palemoon you should be able to find some hints by searching yourself. It is unresponsible for anybody who cares about security of computer systems to point you to this sites…

I have searched for myself.
I don’t need a lecture from you, especially since you have no idea why I want to use Java, and you have no idea if I am irresponsible or not.

Nothing happened. My current Pale Moon install doesn’t recognize a jre plugin, and I don’t seem to have the referenced file to link.

I have been able to get Java to work in some VMs using older linux and Windows installs.