How remove apps from starting up on boot?

For some reason KMail is now trying to run on startup. How do I remove this from the boot/startup list? Where do I find all the apps that are set to run on startup?

have a look in /home/username/.kde. it’s a hidden file btw


Nothing in that folder.

I did find kmail service in “/opt/kde3/bin”. That appears to be the only place I can find it (for startup things). Is everything in that folder started on kde startup?

EDIT: I also found it in “/opt/kde3/share/services”

Under kde3, there are a ton of sub folders with applications. Are all these run on startup? What a mess! Why can’t I find anywhere online a clear description of every place that startup apps are specified? While there are about 5 places an app can startup on M$ windows (which I’m trying to never use again), at least I can find documentation for that. Why is it so hard for KDE/OpenSUSE?

If you are using kde 4, I think it is under system-settings (was kcontrol in kde3x), advance, auto started application you can disable it from there. I am not using kde at the moment so can’t verify exactly.

Do you mean System Services? If so, KMail is not in there.

Chill. It’s not “a mess” - of course all those apps are not run at startup - that’s simply the directory where the KDE 3 executables are kept.

What you may be experiencing with KDE is it’s “feature” that remembers your current session and re-starts whatever is running when the session ends. In KDE 3 go to Personal Settings/KDE Components/Session Manager. Under “On Logon” check the box for “Start with Empty Session”. Now logout and log back in. Resolve the problem?

For ref, in KDE 3 there is a folder “Autostart” that is under ~/.kde. Any program or script there (or linked there) is run every time that user’s KDE session is started. In KDE 4 this function has been enhanced considerably and is managed by the Autostart module under System Settings/Advanced, controls.

The above are the equiv in Windows to using the Start folder. “Services” - which are entirely different from apps - are controlled separately and differently. Similar to Windows under Computer Management, in openSUSE it is under YaST/System/Systerm Services. (Note that these are “system” services, not KDE services, of which there are only ~dozen.)

Sorry to butt in, but can anyone tell me how to create a new post!? I can’t find a link for it anywhere. (jeez)

theprinciple wrote:
> Sorry to butt in, but can anyone tell me how to create a new post!? I
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after loggin in you are on this page:

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