how PCManFM or Nemo mounts samba shares without root?

Hi, I’ve been wondering how and where are mounted samba shares accessed via file managers (PCManFM, Nemo) when I type smb://ip/share into location, because whatever I mount in one I see as mounted in another. I’d like to mount samba shares using command line without the need to be root. Filemanagers can do this, so I believe there’s a way via command line too. I guess there must be also some mountpoint too, when they see what the other one mounted. I’m aware of gvfs-mount on ubuntu, which seems to be unavailable on tumbleweed with cinnamon de. I see this mounted when I type mount though:

gvfsd-fuse on /run/user/1000/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=100)

This could be good-to-know also for flash disks etc. Can someone please explain how this works? Thank you.

I wouldn’t know for sure…

Some observations which may or may not be helpful…
In the past, there used to be a “gnome light” base system, I see that no longer exists in openSUSE which suggests that today there is a unified base and enhanced base system for both KDE and Gnome based Desktops which is cool… This may mean (or not) that installing apps intended for either Desktop has more commonality. This likely means that there is no common Gnome-specific way that PCManFM and Nemo are mounting shares (well, again my guess).

If you look at the Enhanced Base pattern, you will find the package


That could suggest that once any app uses that to mount a Samba share, it immediately is pre-configured for any other app that uses the same cifs-utils.


Hi and thank you for sharing. Since mount.cifs still requires root, I’m not nearly there. gvfs seems to be the key, but gvfs-mount is not in opensuse, so there should be other way around. At least I discovered, that shares mounted with file managers are accessible through


So how do I mount into here without root privileges via command line, same as file manager does?

Btw. what provides gvfs-mout, how do I install or find it? I have been looking via zypper se, also in yast2, but could not find it. It is unfortunately no big surprise, there is something wrong with opensuse repos, sometimes when I fresh install opensuse I cannot find even firefox…

I’ve been aware of, but haven’t personally dived deep into gvfs.

But, a quick read suggests that there are gvfs mount commands but not specifically “gvfs-mount”

gvfs man pages

man gvfs

Secondarily, the gvfs daemon man page

man gvfsd