How openSUSE choose system default font?


I’m using openSUSE 11.3 Ever since I started using Linux, I have had problems with Korean fonts. Now I think I am close to the solution. I want to know how openSUSE decide which fonts to use as the system default fonts.

I know that I can change them in the Appearance -> Font dialog. But my questios is if those settings were just set as Sans (the default), how openSUSE choose what is Sans?

I’m asking this because I found that if I copy Arial and consolas fonts into my ~/.fonts folder, then openSUSE uses them as the system defaults fonts. I don’t know if this is correct behavior, but to me it seems very strange, and some applications such as Opera uses whichever fonts openSUSE uses as system default to render webpages, so I ended up having Arial for all my webpages open in Opera.

So my questions are:

  1. How openSUSE decide which font to use as system defaults?
  2. Are font files in ~/.fonts folder supposedly regarded as defaults?
  3. Where are the setting files I can edit?

Thank you,

See /etc/fonts/suse-post-user.conf

Thanks! I figured out setting aliases in ~/.fonts.conf but didn’t know about /etc/fonts/suse-post-user.conf.