How often should I perfom the distribution upgrade via zypper dup ???

Hi guys,

I moved from Debian to openSuse on two computers now. One is running Leap, the other one Tumbleweed.

Now I am wondering how often I should perform the zypper dup command on the one running Tumbleweed ???

Only if a “dirty cow” is around or just once a week / month???

Any comments are highly appriciated since this is my first rolling release…

Really, as often as you want to upgrade.

I would suggest at once per week – or, more often if you are looking for a specific package to be updated.

I watch the factory mailings (at the online archive), and update when I see a new update announced – except that if it is inconvenient, I might wait a day or two and then pick up two rounds of update.

I usually avoid updating soon after I see an announcement, as updating tends to be slow for the first few hours.

The question is not clear. Do you ask “how often you need to check for updates”?

The question is: How often you guys upgrade your Tumbleweed installations / rolling releases in general?

I am new to that rolling release thing and upgraded the first weeks almost daily, but I presume that the fascination of having always the newest versions will be over soon. So, do you guys with older installations upgrade every day, week, month or quarter ???

Once a week does it for me and I find that better than every day. And I would recommend at least monthly due to vast changes and security reasons.

(Almost) every day on my laptop, once a week on a server that runs TW.

Don’t do updates when you need your systems and have only little time :wink:

Last weeks kernel update (OK, not TW but 13.2) broke my grub on one dualboot system (no idea why, the others were doing fine), and another system makes the sound card only available to root (no normal user) after this update.:\

Thanks for your opinions so far…

I think I´ll schedule my updates weekly then and subscribe to the tumbleweed mailinglist to see what problems might occur.


Hi !

First: I upgrade my TW via “zypper up” not “dup”. That’s right, or I missed something?
Second: It’s a good idea subscribe to factory mailing list. when a new snapshot is released there’s a useful mail that resume the changes.
After that if you have enough time you can update, or wait a bit if someone reports some kind of bug, or report yourself! :slight_smile:

More or less there’s 4 new snapshots published in a week.

've phun!!

Historically “zypper dup” was dangerous with external repositories, but today you can prevent vendor change, so it is no more an issue.

“zypper dup” also may remove packages that are marked for removal. This happens outside of RPM framework, it is extra step. Leaving those replaced packages on a system may lead to conflicts (“zypper up” cannot update some package because it is required by another package that is marked for removal). That is basically the only real difference.

As suggested by our Mr. Tumbleweed, @dimstar, I use

zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change