how often do u wannit? Wifi Login

cheers mates!

Experienced an issue.

I used KDE in Tumbleweed and wanted to use a wifi connection.
I was asked to put my login in.
Did it. so far so good.

Then, KDE asks the same again(annoying as ******)?!

I know that back in the days when opensuse had codenames for the distro-versions this was a well known bug.
Why isn´t it fixed?
Anyone any background infos?

KDE stores the WIFI key in kwallett.

So you have to define a master key for kwallett.

KDE stores also f.e. email Identify keys in kwallerr.

So you must use only the master key…

to get emails, WIFI and more without an master key, just use an empty key…

That does not answer the question.

Why is this behaviour?

Asking twice doesn´t make sense.

First time asked by the network manager itself.
Second time by the annoying kdewallet.

Being aksed once should be enough.
I dont get it…

KWallet (not kdewallet) will not ask for the password for a Wifi access point. When it asks for a password, it will ask for the main password to open KWallet and then KWallet will (in the cases I have heard from) provide the password for the AP.

Check that you only have one wifi connection profile present (/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections)

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