How much space is required to enable snapshots

I wanted to try out openSuse Tumbleweed. But during installation, if I try to enable snapshots, I get the message that there is not enough space for snapshots of root partition. I can’t find any guidance on what my partition size should be to enable snapshots. Is there any specific minimum size or a general guide on how much btrfs snapshots work and how much space is required if I want to enable them? I have a partition of 40 GB where I was trying to install openSuse.

I use 40GB without issues as long as after the install you tweak /etc/snapper/configs/root file and wind the values back.

Sounds like something else is up with the partition, or maybe just an issue with the latest Tumbleweed release, did you check the iso image sha256 sum? Are you installing via ISB, DVD?

With 40 gig BTRFS root partition snapshots should be set on by default, you should not need to enable them.

To me the big question after a few months using “/” 50gb btrfs is how to free space because it’s almost full.
(btw it didn’t happened with ext4)

Well BTRFS with Snapper is not at all the same as EXT4. Since TW is constantly changing lots of large snapshots are made by snapper. I suggest you set a less aggressive schedule for snapper and keep fewer snapshots. The default is very aggresive

Yes i had checked the sha256sum. I will try it out again. Do snapshots need to be enabled at install time or can they be enabled/disabled at any time after installation?

Strange. I tried again today and this time snapshots were enabled by default. Don’t know what I missed in the earlier attempt. All good now for my first taste of openSuse.

You can enable/disable any time. Maybe you installed using ext4. If you use BTRFS (the default) snapper is enabled by default.