How much do you agree with this one?

I stumbled upon a post read it and i must admit he is right at some points, what do You think?

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I must agree here with the first and second point, truth is not everyone want’s to upgrade their distro every 6 months and though it’s up to everybody whether they upgrade or not but the people that won’t upgrade will miss some things etc.

Point 5 about ALSA, agree completely.

I don’t have enough knowledge to comment about point 8 about the drivers, could someone explain me that? Isn’t it possible to add drivers if someone needs them?

Yes it is possible to add drivers.

I have installed a few drivers on my laptop.

I find it amusing that one thinks because there is a new release it has to be used. Where did that mentality come from, other then from the mentally deficient.

Don’t like the current GUI/DE/Version, install and use a different one. No one is twisting and breaking arms on the DE you choose.

I personally find the support cycles perfectly acceptable, and if I wish to keep a release longer I can always apply patches myself.

Seems to me, the author needs some hand holding, I call it computer illiterate.

I found some other posts about him and looks like the guy lives from complaining but he has some points people would agree with. According to the style of this article i wonder when will KDE developers ditch KDE 4 in favour of say KDE 5 (as soon as KDE 4 will be stable enough and everyone will start changing their DE ;)). I trid KDE 3.5, KDE 4.0, 4.1.3 and 4.2 RC. And came back to Gnome for now. I don’t know why but KDE 4 looks to me like a toy and nothing more :slight_smile: Regarding those improvements with sound i saw how many problems people have with Pulse Audio and i was always happy with ALSA which is just great.

What PulseAudio does is the same that Microsoft has donde with Vista and Apple did since before. PulseAudio has a purpose, and isn’t network transparency: Kaisergemuese, Kaisergemuese

About drivers, what he is complaining about is the lack of a stable internal API/ABI in the Linux kernel. So a driver designed for kernel 2.6.25 could not work with kernel 2.6.24… obviously you can backport the driver to 2.6.24, but you can’t warranty that it will work as is. This backporting is done continuously by enterprise distros (RHEL, SLE).
Yes, it’s a problem… but has also advantages that we would miss. He would be complaining anyway if Linux had a stable API/ABI…

He is a windows zealot/fanboy…

For someone who claims to have been using Linux for so long, and only taking one week to use windows, his site is loaded with windows only software :lol:

Just scroll down his page a little. :wink:

Looks to me like the guy is bitching on everything and blaming everyone but himself. Looks like it was a wasted time to read this blog, sorry for taking Your time with this piece of **** blog.

Well about 9 years ago I gave up on Linux (Mandrake) because there were too many reasons to keep going back to Windows.

Now I’m at least 95% Linux usage (iTunes and games :frowning: keep me coming back). I have a vbox install fo XP for iTunes, and dual boot for games. When there are some more decent games for Linux the WinXP partition will be gone asap.

Despite that I can understand where this bloke comes from, some of the points are valid. I sometimes wish that the Linux companies would divvie up the problem areas and aim to get one area sorted. I can see that new for new sake can cause problems. I was, just before Christmas, on the verge of upgrading to 11.1, but am happy now that I delayed, because of all the reported problems on these forums. Give it a few months and most of them will have settled down. There are things in 11.1 that I would like to have, but not enough to warrent the heart ache that I might experience. The same comments have been made about Xp and then Vista, don’t upgrade immediately - the suggestion used to be wait still SP1, then upgrade. I feel that Linux is more responsive to bigish problems, but as the bloke suggests, the OSS Developers do sometimes introduce problems fairly regularly. However, this does not only happen in the Linux arena - XP SP3? Lots of problems for a lot of people for quite a while.

Oh well. Linux is not a religion and so he can feel happy coming and going as much as he likes. Personally, I have become very very keen on Linux over the last year again that I do feel rather smug about how most things work for me now on my Pc and how rock solid it is.


Wait couple of months? There will be a new version then with new bugs :slight_smile: Even 11.0 still has some unresolved bugs, many of them would probably be resolved if the person that files a bug would cooperate with the developers though. I moved to Linux only box, found all apps i need and thanks for Windows apps, most of them that i like run on Wine just fine :slight_smile:

void rant()
having been using linux almost exclusivly since 1998, i sometimes wish linux stays “underground” and “unknown” to regular users.

how i miss the days of gnome 1.x,kde,enlightenment,afterstep,windowmaker,gkrellm,etc

people did what they loved and anyone would just use what they liked, no blogs bitching .

why “windows” ppl comes to linux and then tries to make linux like windows, i will never know!
what an idiot. but i have been reading all idiotic comment and posts all over the net.

ok , lets go :

  • megafreeze? where where ? there are options for distros like factory or cooker or etc everywhere. what? he wants factory to be updated and stable all the time? devs arent gods !
    but he has loads and loads of distros that are “rolling distros”. just use gentoo or arch or whatever.

  • not every distro has a 6 month release. but in linux there is the idea of release early and release often. this may slip bugs but also fixes another and pushes forward. yeah , right , and vista took some 5 or 6 years to release and doesnt have any bugs whatsoever.

  • again like above , its like other software companies fix all their bugs before release (like if that was even humanly possible).

  • this is just plainly stupid. by the time kde4 was planned there was no vista yet, and **… what does kde4 has to do with vista? does vista has plasmoids ( not gadgets ) ? does vista has containers ? does vista has activities ? is vista multi platform ? fc … cant you really get any more stupid ? and its the worse why?

  • ohh boy!!! emo kids ? esd was good ? this is a good thing… moving forward. keep the old but always testing things new. of course not all test and not all new things are great and work perfecly out of the box and at first release. if this guy wants to stay with alsa or esd, what is the problem if some “emo kids” want to test new things? is there a EULA that says “to use linux you must use pulseaudio” ???

  • i dont know of settings not being respected by Xorg in xorg.conf. being a user since early times, i always configure xorg by xorg.conf ( havent ever used sax ). but wait , is autodetection a bad thing? so, probably it wants all linux users to edit xorg.conf by hand everytime they install something? you add one mouse or remove another and you have to edit xorg.conf ? is that what he wants ?

  • what is his problem with udev and hal ? i havent had problem with them in suse, and not even when i used gentoo. so linux uses udev , so “nuff said” ? why doesnt he say linux is a pengiun , “nuff said, wont use”.

  • kernel being monolithic, cant add drivers … does he even know what he is talking about or did he just read that somewhere on a website and “nuff said” ?

  • regressions tests ? linux kernel devs do what they do. several ways of working were tested. this way seems to work well. problem? i see none. just because there is a new kernel doesnt mean he has to update to it. its just that its open, released.

  • linux distros release very often. sure ,if a linux distro took 6 years to release something new, then their security fixs could have the lifetime of those of microsoft. like if microsoft is still releasing security fixs for win98 or win2000 lol.

  • cant reply , no experience in rhel service support ( and also getting tired of writting this )

  • so he doesnt like megafreeze nor rolling. nor does he like to have one stable supported version nor does he like the latest. what version of software does he really want ? i never used arch , but in gentoo you can have testing or stable, so this is just a fuc*ing annoying stupid lie made up by him.

  • Vista interested in gamers? anyone should inform that to my computer,because he doesnt know that, i still have to use winxp to play games. Just because linux has compiz, linux is just for brainless kids ? like if windows doesnt have windowblinds or desktopX. also compiz is just fine. you can use it with the basic plugins and be a simple window manager. and a window manager is never a useless software, i guess. i mean its so bad and useless that there are loads of badly written and badly working windows clones of the “cube”.

  • it would be nice of hibernation worked better,but this is something that linux devs cant fix on their own alone. they need hardware support in terms of documentation. and its like you cant have a modern desktop without hibernation. if fact, being pedantic, modern desktop doesnt need hibernation whatsoever. modern laptops do.

  • i am just too tired. also , the last two points are as stupid as the above, so i wont reply to them. maybe another day.

actually, having the bad luck of knowing personally persons like him ( or at least that look like him by the post written ) i actually feel sorry for him. he is just a stupid person trying to act as an inteligent one. he didnt get linux, he didnt get nothing. he is trying to blame linux like if linux was one thing, one company, only one product, and that everyone that contributed to linux had to had the same ideas.

too bad for him. using windows or linux, to get the work done, its mostly that same. you can use a book to nail a hammer, and use a spoon to dig a tunnel. i just hope he isnt this stupid in another more important things in life.

ps : i know that this post is a “little” insulting. sorry. i actually dont care about that, nor do i hate the guy, nor etc. its just a word, and read it lightly

I couldn’t agree with You more :slight_smile:
By the way, i tried Mac Os X and it goes the same way Microsoft does, they hide completely the OS to users, then people are surprised that “Linux is hard” when all You needed to use Windows or Apple was half brain, the rest was used to go to the toilet.
The guy obviously has some issues :slight_smile: I’m not sure but kernel being monolithic? Just because they add drivers all the time and in most cases they are loaded only when needed (in most cases)? What i don’t like in new users is they come because they’ve seen Compiz and wanted to try linux, after epic fails they come back to Windows bitching about Linux;)

I don’t consider myself an advanced user but i think i got something more than half a brain or else i wouldn’t sit on openSUSE now:) Thank You for great post.

I saw that Blog when it first came out, and the factual errors on that headline page, showed someone with an unclear perception of reality.

There are many real issues, that make the state of art FOSS experience less than perfect, that could be complained about.

So it’s quite funny when off-beam folk simultaneously complain about choice, and then claim a lack of flexibility; actually their own inflexibility and inability to research is the issue they are struggling with.

If you look at recent CPU arch reviews, very often the first suspiciously rapidly submitted comments claim to be from a “Fan of AMD, but…” then a diatribe, ignoring mainstream price/performance concerns, and practicalities, that the “Ultimate Gaming Rig” base aren’t bothered with.

It seems to me that this guy needs to get out a little more often. lol!