How much disk space is required to enable BS construction of kernels for bisecting?

openSUSE:Build Service Tutorial - openSUSE Wiki makes no mention of disk space required for a build environment, or the kernels being built. I’d like to see nouveau bug 214 and kernel bug 217479 get fixed, so would like to consider doing the bisecting. The known window is between 6.1.14 (good) and 6.2.4 (bad). I’ve never built anything but a cifs module, nearly two decades ago, and I remember nothing of the detailed instruction that enabled my doing it. The test PC’s on which I reproduced the problem each have less than ~500M freespace available on /, host Core2Duo or older CPUs, and SATA 2.0 or older. None I have with more freespace employ an NVidia GPU.

@mrmazda you can configure oscrc to point to any location for a build-root eg attached storage, I prefer this as can poke around without being root user…

My current build-root is consuming 2.1 GB.

Linux source alone is about 1.5G. Linux supports building in separate directory and you can trim kernel configuration to remove all drivers you do not need but I do not know how much minimum space it will consume.

Nothing forces you to build kernel on the same systems.

@mrmazda Oh, likewise package cache directory is needed…