How mount SSH folder to local desktop as read/write?

I have a server (CentOS) that I can SSH into. I want to mount a folder from that server onto my local filesystem (openSUSE) so I can read and write files there. How would I do this?

One other important point:

  • the remote server does NOT allow root login
  • the folder I want to mount is only root writeable (so when I ssh, I “su” afterwards to write to that folder)

So I need to be able to login to ssh with my basic user and then do an “su” for mounting that folder

I am not exactly sure about mounting folders via SSH. AFAIK the server has to export the folders that you try to mount from remote, doesn’t it? I’d use NFS. Do you have a chance to run an NFS deamon on your centOS server? I don’t known how to configure that in CLI, I always use YaST. But you should be able to “DuckDuckGo” that. (or use Google) :wink: