How many people keep the default openSUSE look?

I just change the wallpaper myself, and I lighten up the taskbar below, I like the wallpaper showing through more.

I really like the default color combo, maybe add a little more black highlights, like the installer has.


Apparently I’m the only one that really dislikes the default theme, judging from the poll results… :wink:

I don’t mind the green wallpaper, though I inevitably change it after a while.

I dislike the 90’s-style gray taskbar and window decos, as well as the default font settings, so they’re always the first to go (to clarify, I’m using KDE).

My only current bugaboo is that the systray icons don’t deal well with transparencies, but that’s a KDE 4.1 thing. Otherwise I’m quite happy with the flexibility I have in configuring. I used to try and keep the wallpaper inline with the login manager and splash page, for consistency, but the composite transition from splash to desktop is very cool, so I’m not so concerned any more.

Screencap enclosed, though this isn’t exactly the right forum for it, but just to demonstrate my dislike for the default openSUSE theme, I’m completely removed from it… :wink:


I actually like that in an odd sort of way - brown usually isn’t my colour, but in this case it’s pretty sweet.

Makes me want a cigar too.

This screenshot is really buggin’ me. I can’t get my desktop to look anything like that. I can’t add the task manager to it. I see no way to adjust transparency. I can’t get widgets, like KnetworkManager, added to the bar. I looked at a tutorial but got no joy. I thought I would have to wait for suse 11.1 to get these things back.

Try the Slim Glow theme it gives some transparency.
Right click desktop- desktop settings (make sure you have it installed of course)

To add task manager, unlock widgets
right click add widgets - add sytsem tray (if you are sure there isn’t one there already)

I just installed KDE 4.1 and tried it again. The panel kept crashing, and all the widgets kept disappearing from it.

Even when I did have the task manager on the panel for more than two seconds without it crashing, it was really small and would smush all the windows together. I didn’t see much in the way of panel configuration.

Have you tried starting a NEW .kde4 folder (I guess you have)

Make sure compiz is not enabled, use kwin
and use desktop effects from the desktop settings in kde4 if you want.

It was a fresh install on another box I’m building for a friend.

I had neither compiz nor kwin’s effects enabled at that moment. Performance was bad enough in KDE 4 with Nvidia.

I must admit, I had not been able to use kde4.1 until last week. Every effort I made was usually a plasma crash. I probably gave it 5 goes over several weeks, then finally it came OK. But I can’t put it down to any one thing. I had been using 4.0.4 and that was almost as solid for me as kde4.5.9 from the build service. And of course I still have that to fall back on should all go wonky with 4.1.

4.1 is I think due final tomorrow
I guess that will thru to the suse repos in time.
Maybe that will be better for you.

Thanks for the tip on slim glow. It does look a bit better. I am using emerald as a windows decoration manager. I guess I have to give that up if I go to kwin.

The system tray just isn’t working for me. I can drag it out to the desktop, but it jumps around the screen and separates itself from its control menu. The control menu appears as a black box separate from the icons of the systray. Those icons not only move around the desktop but they stack themselves in different ways each time they move. Trying to drag them to the task bar just makes the cube spin.

This stuff is annoying, but so far, I can live with it.


Thanks for the tip on slim glow. It does look a bit better. I am using emerald as a windows decoration manager. I guess I have to give that up if I go to kwin.

Slim Glow is just for the panel, you should be able to use it with compiz/emerald

Did your panel not load with a sys tray when you first started 4.1
I started with a new .kde4

slim glow is a plasma theme, and it will affect the panel and plasmoids/widgets. Normal apps in windows will use emerald.

I choose customize every little detail, although what I only want is mine different from other box. I change the wallpaper, window style, cursor and icon. Oh and KDM also.

The default one is quite beautiful, but since I want it have different taste…

I like everything but default color theme, instead a dark - green its by default in my opensuse, i made by myself…

Obsidian Black Green

Plz give some feedback in that page…thankz!

It sounds to me like you may be running into a conflict between plasma and compiz/emerald. Theoretically KDE will support any window manager, but maybe there’s a conflict between the two over mouse movements. That’s a shot in the dark, though.

I only say that because I haven’t seen anything resembling the behavior you are describing, even in some of the “common” complaints. Maybe try using kwin as your wm, just to see if it behaves the same way. Will help at least narrow down whether the issue is with KDE4 or with KDE4 interacting with compiz.


I change everything, from grub-splash till desktop layout. (till I’ve seen it too much, then I change some splash-screens again, so I keep myself busy :stuck_out_tongue: )

i like the look anyway (gnome), but i customize it anyway.

All I do is move the taskbar to the left, add and adjust the button layout of the taskbar, make it a little wider and put on the date in addition to time for the clock.

None of the choices seemed to fit this.

First thing what I change: the wallpaper. After:
I like to remove unused icons from my desktop (all), I remove KMenu, and other stuff from left. (I’m starting applications with Alt+F2). So, at the end I have just Task Manager, and Systray. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try alt-F2 tonight to see what it does. Learn something new everyday, even from survey threads. :stuck_out_tongue: