How many people keep the default openSUSE look?

I was just wondering who likes to use the default art work for openSUSE till the next release…:smiley: - That is a concept I quickly put together for a new theme for openSUSE 11.1

i really like that theme infact i use it on my kde 4.1

its very green for me :smiley:

Ofcourse I change it, got to look at it everyday:D

I waffle back and forth there whether or not I like the light-yellow/cream window background there. I think it offsets the green, and gives the overall look a bit of a soft, soothing appearance. Yet, most people are used to plain white or grey for the window background. Maybe a more subtle off-white?

I fully customise it, myself. I have a hard time keeping a steady look for more than a month or two.

Wallpapers change almost daily.

If only SuSE had a green and black theme matching the installer for 11. That would be pretty sweet, and I wouldn’t have to change it. :smiley:

Going by the respose so far, we all seem to customize in detail. Me included. I guess it’s part of the fun. It would be nice to see some well put together themes in the oss repo. But I feel plain and simple, be it green or blue, is a safe option as default install, too much of the bells and whistles could just add to install woes for some.
I was using a nice theme in 4.0.4 for the desktop panel (TiComb) It gave great transparency in the panel - But it causes plasma to crash on 4.1:(

A green and black wallpaper would have been awesome :smiley:

This is something I didn’t think of doing until I read this thread.
Didn’t know how until I saw the screenshot, now that I know I’m messing with it! Thanks guys!

what screenshot…lol? :confused:

I posted a link to a concept for an openSUSE theme I started on.

First thing I do is, change the wallpaper. I rarely change the theme and end up going back the default one. I like things to be simple and the default one is just like that.

I never changed the desktop until you put up this poll. :rolleyes:

This site should keep you busy for a while then:

Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop -

Have a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

This one!
It even showed where to go for the settings.

You’re right since I got KDE4 I’m going there for a lot more than just wallpapers like I did in 10.3.

oh ok…lol :slight_smile:

i like the default green look :slight_smile: but the splash screen image is better as wallpaper :slight_smile:

here it is as BMP, photobucket converted it to jpg :frowning:

(direct download no waiting, nothing)

I just switched another friend of mine over to Linux. He runs a cigar store, so this is the theme I did for him: