How make telnet ask for USERNAME, PASSWORD literally ?

hello Linux Forum

now it ask:
“mylinux login:”

How/ Where can I do this ?

Many thanks for advice!

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please don’t post the same question more than one time in the openSUSE

it sound like you want to change the way telnetd works…you should
probably download the source and change it there…

or, you can try looking in the manual, see:

man telnetd


I think it has something to do with bash login,
because ssh and telnet show the same.

These following scripts do their job after login procedure:
and with ~/.bashrc I can only costumize the prompt.

If you want an answer to this, you have to be much clearer than you are now. What are you trying to do, on which openSUSE. That would give us an idea where to look.

I have opensuse 11.1.

I want to use BVRDE - BVRDE

An IDE for remote compiling.

I use my favorite tools for programming on windows xp
and then transfer to linux and then remote compile there and send back compile messages.

I dont want to go to mad house due to using vi or vim. :wink:
I miss CTRL-C and CTRL-V and a working clipboard etc etc

The problem is that telnet-client in BVRDE looks for “username”, “password” token not for “login:” and “Passwort:” (is german).

thx peter

having gone to and read about BVRDE
<> i strongly suggest your question
is best answered by the creator of BVRDE or the documentation provided

i say that because i believe the prompts you are seeing is generated
by HIS code, not anything on your openSUSE machine…

try booting from a CentOS, Ubuntu, Knoppix live CD and i bet you see
the same prompts…


Jippy rotfl!

For all who wants to use this nice freeware tool.
BVRDE expect “password” instead of “Passwort”(is german).
I emailed author and received an answer:
In Projekt File (.prj) (xml-file) after passwordPrompt I should change password to passwort.

thx Peter

good you found how…


I was too early happy.

Project file self changes everytime to old state. :frowning:

I have opensuse 11.1 Gnome Desktop and set german language.

Now bash-login says german “Passwort” instead of english “password”.

How to change only the bash behavior to english without
changing all to english ?