how long until all software is ready for 11.0?

we all know by now that the opensuse 11 repositories are getting more and more software added each day, but long until all the current software which is available through the 1click installs will be readily available to suse 11? will it all be ready for the release,or is this something that may be weeks/months after the release? sorry in advance if this should go in off topic area…i wasn’t quite sure.

i have just done a search for wifi-radar (the program i use with suse 10.3 for wireless connection) for suse 11 and it’s not there, so was just wondering. or will not all of this software be available for the new release? after looking on packman for a few things, some software is available for 11, and some is not.

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should all be ready by the release date, but, obviously some software will take a bit longer,due to the size of the repositories & their content


For the Build Service repositores every maintainer has to add an openSUSE 11.0 build target manually. If you miss something something for 11.0 which builds for 10.3 just ask the maintainer to let it also build for 11.0.

thanks guys. boosted my confidence so i think an earlier switch to 11.0 is in order. will wait about 9-10days after release date i think. :slight_smile:

Actually, quite a lot of software is already in 11.0 repositories (there were several Rather Large Additions over the weekend; I updated from RC1 and the updates totaled over a gigabyte and over one thousand packages, including a kernel update and a new non-PAE kernel). There is a repository specifically for 11.0 bits that is accessible (you can keep the Factory repository also, if you want items that haven’t transitioned yet).

A Shocking Surprise: I attempted to use the newer non-PAE kernel, as my CPU (P4 2.6 Northwood-C) doesn’t support PAE; however, that turned out to be a Major Error, as my version of the ATI (closed-source) 8.5 Catalyst (fglrx) driver was compiled against the PAE kernel (the two kernels are supposedly the same otherwise). However, the differences are major enough to cause things to break (GNOME refused to start, for example). Also, there are still two bugs in those same drivers that were present in 8.4:

  1. Applications that use XComposite features (some parts of Compiz-Fusion and Google Earth 4.3 beta, for example) will exhibit artifacting. The applications will otherwise perform normally.

  2. OpenGL-based games (such as Quake3Arena and openarena) will crash and lock up if XComposite is set to “enable” or “true” (this setting is required for Compiz-Fusion).

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Get the 10.3 wifi-radar src.rpm

Build it on 11.0 with:

rpmbuild --rebuild /path/packagename.src.rpm

The resulting rpm will be in /usr/src/packages/RPMS/x86_64

should work:)

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