How is your rank determined?


How is your rank determined by this software? Do you have a list that shows each rank possible and what it takes to get there?



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> How is your rank determined by this software?

it is not determined by

  • the number of years you have used linux
  • the number of books you have read about linux
  • the earned certifications in any training program
  • the hours you have spent programming in linux
  • which version was your first SuSE
  • how good your answers are here
  • how clear and complete are your questions
  • how wonderful your suggestions

nor anything else (imo) worthwhile…

because the software just counts the number of posts you make and is
therefore as Kim (The Chief) said “more an indication of too much time
on someone’s hands than an indication of technical expertise”

i got time!


I realize that the rank has no meaning but is something interesting about this forum. I just wondered how that all worked out.

Thanks a lot for responding!

Interesting. I have been using OpenSUSE since 6.3, about one month after using Red Hat. It was awful. SUSE work on the first try. After that it was history. This was around 1998/1999. I used SUSE through my A.A.S., B.S., M.S., and now finally 10 years later, my dissertation. Plus I’m published with Novell. Twice. Yay! I wonder what my rank is?

rrdonovan wrote:
> I wonder what my rank is?

Doctor Geek ? :wink:

Have a lot of fun…

Read the text under your avatar – ATM it reads “puzzled penguin” :wink: