How install xfce side-by-side with KDE?

I currently have KDE but I’m interested in trying out xfce. So I have a few questions:

  1. How can I install it side by side with KDE?
  2. How can i keep KDE but load into xfce when I want to?
  3. Is there anything it’ll do to the files/file-structure of kde?

Use software management, filter by Patterns
Check the box XFCE Desktop Env

You should of course disable auto login so you can select your desktop at the login screen.

You can add build service XFCE
Index of /repositories/X11:/xfce/openSUSE_11.1

Thanks so are my steps?

  1. Add the xfce repository
  2. Open software management and install xfce desktop env
  3. ?? How disable auto login ??

Then, I can load into either, correct? I assume every application i have installed in KDE, I’m going to have to somehow relocate to get them setup with icons, etc on the menu?

Nono KDE apps will appear in XFCE and vice versa, XFCE is just another interface not a entire OS

Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums
IMO, you should not auto login anyway

At the login screen look at the lower left corner for options

Sorry, I as unclear. By installed apps, I didn’t mean KDE ones, I meant things like my IDE, firefox, Opera, OpenOffice, etc.

6tr6tr wrote:
> Sorry, I as unclear. By installed apps, I didn’t mean KDE ones, I meant
> things like my IDE, firefox, Opera, OpenOffice, etc.

if you installed those apps as root (which you did if you used YaST or
root powers to install), they are available to ALL users (even if
there is only one using your machine) and all display environments
(even if only one is being used at a time)…

try not to forget that Linux (unlike Redmond’s stuff) is a true
industrial strength system which grew up like Unix, an operating
system which ran on mainframe IBM computers with hundreds of users all
working at the same time…


That (re-location of menu items) is going to be difficult in Xfce. There is currently no Menu Editor in Xfce (unllike for GNOME/KDE) & is a long-standing feature request, likely to be implemented in Xfce 4.8.

Seriously? So how do I add things to the menu? Is there some file I can edit somewhere?

No idea. It sounds like it’s no go from comments already made. Maybe you can create a custom launcher for the desktop?!

Did a quick search and this is 4.4 (they’re up to 4.6 now) but it looks like there is a menu editor:

Xfce - Desktop Manager

So what is the Build Service giving you?

I think it might be 4.6
Did you install that repo and do an update from it?

Have a read here:

Menu editor
Menu editing in Xfce - Ubuntu Forums

Involves manipulation of <xml>-based system files, what you referred to earlier will not allow you the re-arrangement of apps that is there in GNOME/KDE.

With xfce 4.4 it is possible with the menu editor working, however as mentioned in another post xfce 4.6.1 is not. There is a way to manually create your custom menu in the xfce wiki if you wish to try. I don’t have difficulty with the default xfce menu so I am not bothered. When I find it hard to look up I run thru the terminal or in the run command or if you wish you can use the xfce4appfinder to locate the desired app easily. I made a luncher for xfc4-appfinder and some apps that I usually use in the xfc4-panel to not try to complicate things.

Here is a topic regarding the menu editor in the xfce forums.
Menu editor

By looking through that thread you can find interesting stuffs and will probably digest some interesting things about xfce. Doing some searching also in that friendly site will help you a lot using xfce.

Hope this help

Sorry to double post, my editing time elapsed before I realize that the site I pointed is the same as what zmdmw52 posted.