How install qt4 designer on opensuse 12.3

I am new in opensuse, install opensuse 12.3 and i can not find qt4 designer package in opensuse repos,
I installed this package in debian with this name “qt4-designer” from this repo : Index of /debian,
How install this package(qt4-designer == for designing qt4 gui) ?


Goto and search for designer. You will find the 1-Click installation.

Also see if you want to install kdevelop4

sudo zypper install kdevelop4

Install the package libqt4-devel.

PC: oS 12.3 x86_64 | i7-2600@3.40GHz | 16GB | KDE 4.10 | GTX 650 Ti
ThinkPad E320: oS 12.3 x86_64 | i3@2.30GHz | 8GB | KDE 4.10 | HD 3000

At various times I’ve used and have installed the following QT related Dev tools

QT 4 Designer
QT creator
Monkey Studio (I installed that from source on the web)


Thanks everybody for support !
this package solved my problem : libqt4-devel