How install OpenSUSE via network connection?

I have a new netbook laptop that has no cd/dvd drive. I want to put openSUSE on it but I don’t have a USB stick large enough either, so my only option is to install via a network connection. How would I do this?

Sorry, meant to add this in:

I also want this to be a dual boot with windows which is already on that computer. How would I do this without deleting the windows install already on there? (The windows install already has created two partitions c:/d:)

If you have a flash stick large enough to hold the NET install CD (about 100MB) you can boot off that and then install over the net (from the Internet, or from a NFS or SMB export from a nearby machine).

As for shrinking the Windows partition, that’s a standard feature of the installer.

here is a how to

Installation without CD - openSUSE

Thanks! i didn’t know I could do it with as little as 100MB!

While I am interested in trying out PXE/Wake-By-Lan, this isn’t the computer to try it with (can’t risk messing up the windows install too much) so this is a good option. :slight_smile:

Any idea what the link to the NET Install file is?