How install flash 32 bit on OpenSuse 11.2 64 bit?

I hate flash from the bottom on my heart (don’t only for the infinite problem on the 64 bit that don’t function).

How is possible install the 32 bit version on a 64 bit system in a simple way?

I’d like to end this problem in one way or another and if this is the only solution then i go on this solution. >:(

I just gave you the answer the the other thread

su terminal and do:

zypper in flash-player nspluginwrapper


Before reading your answer i read:
Installazione Plugin Adobe Flash su Firefox 64 bit

The linux32 was already installed on the system.
So i have installed:
sudo zypper in nspluginwrapper
operation that require more then 24 mb and install or update 120 small packages.

And i have used the last package at 32 bit from Adobe.

Better the nothing.

My hate for flash grow everytime. >:(

Flash may be installed right, but if you are using Firefox it just cannot find it (old openSuSE problem). My solution the past 3-4 years has been:
Install Firefox in a separate folder, copy en to the folfder /firefox/plugins and go, never had a problem with flash or flash-sound since :wink: