How I fooled some folks into thinking that I was using OSX

On my Laptop I currently triple boot XP, openSUSE and Ubuntu 10.04, today I played around with Ubuntu to give it a Mac like look with a menubar and AWN and changed a few settings, I even gave it a OSX like Ubuntu wallpaper, kept the standard theme though but still I was quite shocked that people thought that I had a modded Illegal version of OSX on my Toshiba laptop despite how obvious it differs in looks:](

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I fooled folks into thinking I used Windows 7 with openSUSE, but up until now no OSX remarks.

I blame awn, love the new version!

I will probably dress openSUSE up soon, might give it a semi hybrid OSX/Win7 feel

I smell a warm brown feeling coming onlol!

Ah well, some people are gullible. lol!

Actually the brown is very subdued in Ubuntu 10.04, the default theme is more tan then brown.
I think the new Ubuntu looks pretty good actually, not really glossy, not overly brown, it feels like its own OS right now as opposed to most distro’s who use the same blue theme that everyone else does.
It stands out and I think thats a good thing, I feel comfortable with 10.04’s new look and feel, it lacks the shine and the blues but at the same time its far from the browns of older versions.
As for any other themes that other distro’s are using, well I do like the theme openSUSE is coming out with for its Gnome edition for 11.3, though its KDE still feels stock despite all the fancy icons, the login and cool plasma theme.
Oxygen + blue color theme =meh as the other distros just ship that way, I wish they would embrace QTcurve as the default and use a green color theme for 11.3, most KDE distros these days look too much alike.

I agree that openSUSE’s KDE need a bit more customization. But i prefer using bespin instead of qtcurve and the color theme can be made closer to the color of the wallpaper.
Maybe this should be posted in openFATE?

The issue I have with bespin is despite it does look better then QTcurve in many respects it lacks integration when you use GTK apps or firefox, thus why I suggested QTcurve as it has GTK compatibility so everything looks like its integrated.
But yeh, suggesting a green theme in open fate is a cool idea, I’d vote for it

What’s that ȩ icon on the dock ? Brrr, ugly :wink:

Yeh I have IE7 on here, I use it for IE/microsoft only sites so I can yell at its site developers :smiley:

OK, it’s really close to MacOS X look but more experienced users will see it’s not it. When it comes to OS design - Apple rocks. Unfortunately their policy does not :frowning: Sumamrizing: your desktop looks very good! :slight_smile: