How grab whatever sound/music is being made on my computer?

I’d like to be able to grab the actual bytes of sound that’s being played/executed on my computer (whether from microphone, mp3 or flash) and be able to use the stream in realtime in a program (either c, c++ or java). Anyone know how to do this?

krecord does this for me. That is to say it depends on the hardware. On one system it works, om another one it doesn’t.

On one system it works, om another one it doesn’t.

It’s mostly a question of configuring the mixer. Actually KRecord should always work.

I think you are correct in Theory. In practice I think I moved rulers up and down in Kmixer until I run mad. Also I am still not able (trying for years now, well every new openSUSE level again, not all the time :wink: ) to get the sound from my TV card.

But I will not spoil this thread bringing in my own problems. Back to the OP.

Right, but can I use krecord from within a c, c++ or java program I’m writing?

I just installed krecord from yast. now I can’t find it to run it.

It’s a KDE3 application, should be;


But there should be menu entry under AudioVideo->Recorder

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Thanks for your reply. It is right where you said it should be. I does run and record. But, upon playback I can hardly hear it unless I turn my Bose external speakers up substantially. Then the quality isn’t any good. I get the same results with Audacity. Here is my system;
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Also, It doesn’t show up under the lizzard/applications.multimedia nor any where else.
Sorry to the OP for highjacking your thread.


Probably because it’s a KDE3 application, I don’t use KDE, so can’t
really offer any assistance on why it’s not playing back :frowning:

You would need to add your own menu entry (that’s because it’s
pointing to kde3) or desktop shortcut to it. The icon for it is
in /opt/kde3/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/

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To get back on topic…how do I grab what’s being played on my computer within code? I want to write my own app with C, C++ or Java (any will do but I do prefer Java).