How get Opera update?

Opera’s been updated to 10.01 but in the repository, it’s still 10.0. Anyone know how to get the upgrade through yast?

Remove it from Yast
Install manually
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from su terminal

rpm -ihv opera-10.01.gcc4.shared.qt3.i386.rpm

Why isn’t it on any repos yet? The version from the opera site links qt3, a package with qt4 would be nice.

I gave you a solution. I’m using it and it perfect.

Thanks, but your solution is not what I’m looking for.

Then you will have to wait until it will be in the repos.

Gee, thanks for the attitude, guys.

You’re welcome, especially as “attitude” seems to be also your problem.

If you really want to have this version as soon as possible, then do something about it, if you want it in the repos, then contact the package maintainer, you will find him in the changelog of the package.


If you need help on how to get the first (20) lines of a changelog, here you are:

rpm -q --changelog opera|head -n 20

Seeing as this is a security update, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to have expected an official opensuse release. Nor was it unreasonable to pose a simple question. I will contact the package maintainer and offer my help.

Maybe, but you were given a simple workaround on your simple question and commented with “That’s not what I am looking for.”

I did a quick search and found only a short desription of (two) advisories considering those security related fixes. It was not clear if those problems are platform independent or only bound to another (in most cases much more abundant) platform.

If you want to find out, if *NIX-systems are also affected by these problems, you will have to do some research on your own.

Even for Firefox (which in contrast to opera is OSS) updates were not published in the past, if the security problems were “Windows only”.

I’m not the OP. And your responses amount to “**** off and do it yourself”.

Yes, but post #4 was a direct respond to your question.

And no, my responses don’t amount to that but to “this is a community driven distro, where everybody can contact developers/maintainers if they have a suggestion/problem they want to be fixed.”

You have a problem, you want it to be fixed, you are not better or worse than anybody else here, so why don’t you do something about it?

^ (that was the P word, not the F word)

Yeah, alright, thanks for your help.

Couldn’t care less about “P or F”, as you got the message wrong in any case.


OK, seems that you got it right now, so “mission accomplished”.

No attitude here. Apologies if it seemed that way. All I can tell you is, currently the repo version does not behave well for me, but the manual install is spot on.
If it’s not what you are looking for. I can’t help any further ATM.:slight_smile:

So you’re saying not to ask question on the opensuse forum. To instead contact the developers directly. Sorry, but that’s not exactly how community-driven support is supposed to work.

Ask away. But we are only human, though I have been accused of being a god! But I still don’t have all the answers.:slight_smile:

Sorry to get cranky, caf, it was more the other mod’s posts that frustrated me.

Happy Hallowe’en >:)

edit #666: not a mod, my bad.

There is only one Moderator posting in this thread, but I know what you mean.
Opera is usually a little slow getting updated.