How does one see all intalled applications?

I am working my way through tutorials, but the whole package / repo terminology even in Yast is not simple.

I think I installed an application, but can’t seem to find it. Is there a simple way to see what apps are installed? Thank you.

*Edit: I downloaded the RPM, and in Dolphin right clicked on it and went through one menu level to install it. Something happened quickly, too quickly to read, and then disappeared. I can’t find the app any obvious way. Don’t know if it was installed or not. Don’t know how to list the ones that are installed.

What rpm did you download and install?

In YaST -> Software Management you can search for the rpm name, then in the tabs you can look at the file list, /usr/bin or if a root only package /usr/sbin are the usual places, but could also be in /opt. Normally if it’s a GUI application it should add a menu entry, but again, depends on the rpm esp if from a third party may not be for openSUSE?