How does one edit their own post?

I’ve looked for an edit tag & am unable to find one. Ive seen a poster that edited their own post. How is that done here? Is there a way to edit my post after I post it?

Not currently. The pro’s and con’s of enabling such a feature is currently being debated.

Thanks oldcpu I’ll put my 2c in the comments section.

What are the con’s out of curiosity? It seems like not much of a debate…??

Mostly NNTP related issues…

Right…keep forgetting about that.

FYI editing of posts has been enabled for 10 minutes after the original post. This should give you time to realize you didn’t do a review of your post before you submitted it and change what you need to. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that…I get it now. [Just got burned
again, couldn’t edit my post…it got posted
two hours before I sent it!]

From now on, I’ll start using ‘preview’.