how does one clean up tmp files on system?

I was wondering if anybody knows how to clean up tmp files on opensuse 11.4 as it seems as if the partition is almost completely file of various files.

many thx

YaST > System > etc/sysconfig editor, then openat the left +Systems +Cron. Set CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP. Read the explenation there. There is interaction with other parameters in the list there to be more specific, but setting it to yes may be OK in miost cases. It will clean your /tmp at every boot.

Clear Temp Files at Boot

you can also use Bleachbit to clean temporary files system wide

You can also trash your system by using BleachBit when not knowing what you do… :slight_smile:

Using the cron-parameter as described here is secure and easy.