How does one change the monitor/GPU overscan in KDE Plasma (Wayland) ?

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How does one change the monitor/GPU overscan in KDE Plasma (Wayland) ?

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I installed all the Sway packages from my package manager
I installed wdisplays on my Intel PC, but i got a small window saying ‘This program is only useable on Wayland sessions’ despite me booting into either
Plasma (Wayland) or Plasma (Full Wayland)

This is a small script i have successfully used under KDE Plasma to set my screen/monitor correctly the way i want:

xrandr --output HDMI-2 --set underscan on --set “underscan vborder” 1 --set “underscan hborder” 7


Make: Panasonic
Model: TH-32AS630Z

The edges of the monitor (most predominanly visiable on the left & right hand sides) appear to have an optical appearance similar
to that of what one sees when one is looking at something behind a piece of curved plastic/glass, an appearance similar to what appears
on smart phones with curved edges (like the Samsung S8, S8+, Note 10) etc etc - but this visual aberation is even more enhanced on such phones that
are protected by their glass screen protectors which also have curved edges to match the phone screen

The side to side length of the visual only aspect of the monitor is about 70cm (not counting the bezel)
The average distance my face is away from the screen is about 75cm
This means their is approxximately a 45 degree angle between my face and thr monitor edges

If one looks directly straight on at the edges of this monitor one can clearly see the literal edge of what is being displayed correctly,
However, as one slowly moves away from the edge of the screen approching the middle of the screen, one starts to literally “lose” the actual displayed content
of what is being displayed, it is in effect literally getting “cut out” of ones display field due to the angle

I have reviewed multiple graphics and text being displayed on the edges on the screen
Ones really does “literally” lose all visuable appearance of what ever is being display there, its as if the further you move away from the edge of this
monitor it looks like someone is playing with monitor settings designed to control how much of the screen display be be moved (getting displaced/cut-off)
towards the edge of the monitor

My only hypothesis for this strange design anomoly which cooures on a number of make and models of TV sets/Monitors is that the actual LCD display screen is
a certain distance (is say millimeters) behind the outer plastic sheet
I see that this would acconut for the strange optical anomoly

This monitor is always in HD (1920 x 1080) and is my standard daily driver as my main primary monitor
Having a visual anomoly like this is very very annoying and ones gets frustrated easily with it under a multitude of scenarios

It’s for this very reason that i decided to use the terminal command xrandr to set an overscan which decreases the entire display by a small % amount which
brings in the edge of whatever is being displayed (like say the desktop for example) in a few millimeters so that i dont have to have the visual display
anomolies that come with the monitors absolute edges

However xrandr can only info get info under Wayland and not make changes

How to resolve ?

I assume you don’t see this running X?? What card and driver Wayland with KDE and NVIDIA is not a good mix and is at best beta.