how does one boot off a specific drive

hi all, i have installed fedora 10 , i have 3 ide drives (drive 0 has 2 ntfs partions) 1 dvd and a sata drive in my system, with opensuse 11 on the sata drive i cannot boot into my opensuse anymore, thank you

You need to give some more information. Were you booting into all these distros via the MBR or changing the BIOS selection to point to the PBR rather than the MBR?

If the former, what are the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst in Fedora and in openSUSE?

i would want to change the grub, thank you

To start with, it all starts with the MBR which when you install openSuSE gets altered to point to the Grub menu.lst in /boot/grub. This list can be altered via the Boot Loader section in the System section of the YaST Control Center. There you can select which item will boot first and be the default. IF you can not boot into openSuSE at all in order to use YaST you may have to boot from the CD/DVD openSuSE disc and then fix it.

IF you can get into openSuSE, you can also edit the menu.lst inside of /boot/grub but I would use the YaST approach, it is safer.

Properly setup, the Grub menu.lst will let you boot into anything and in any order.