How do you prevent Kontact from auto starting on login?

Every time I log in, Kontact automatically starts up, as does the KOrganizer remider daemon. I’ve unchecked “Enable Reminders” and “Start Reminder Daemon at Login” in the taskbar, but very time I log in, it starts anyway. It’s not in autostart in system settings either. What am I missing?

Possibly nothing. The same thing happens to me sometimes, both on this laptop Leap 42.3 system and on my desktop Leap 42.2 system.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that, it seems to happen mostly when there’s an event or ‘to-do’ reminder popping up at login.

I haven’t really noticed that “akonadictl fsck” and “akonadictl vacuum” (both executed with Kontact shut down) really change the frequency of Kontact popping up at login. I’ll possibly, sometime next week, take another sweep through the ‘~/.cache/’ and ‘~/.config/’ directories to see if anything is lurking in one of files . . .

I’m not actually using Kontact though, or any of the parts of it (KMail, etc.). I just opened it to check it out and now I can’t stop it from auto starting. There must be a setting somewhere. I deleted everything in .cache also, no effect.

I fixed this problem. It’s probably over-kill, but I just disabled everything in the configuration settings.

I’m not using it either. But it does not automatically start here.

I just opened it to check it out and now I can’t stop it from auto starting.

Reminder to self – don’t start Kontact or Kmail just to see what it does.

Actually, I have a separate test-user account that I can login for testing things. And when done with the testing, I can reset it by deleting all configuration for that account (“.config”, “.local”, “.cache”, “.kde4” and similar).

Please check that, Akonadi is also stopped and not running:

  1. “akonadictl stop”.
  2. Check that nothing related with Kontact – the “PIM Events Plugin” – is enabled in the Plasma Clock widget.
  3. Log out.
  4. From a TTY console, ‘cd’ to “~/.local/share/” – remove everything looking like ‘akonadi’ (there’s a socket link in the “akonadi” directory to “/tmp/akonadi-<User Name>-<random number>/”); ‘akregator’; ‘emailidentities’; ‘contacts’; ‘kaddressbook’; ‘kmail2’; ‘kontact’; ‘korganizer’; ‘local-mail’; ‘messageviewer’.
  5. From a TTY console, ‘cd’ to “/tmp/” – remove the “akonadi-<User Name>-<random number>” directory.
  6. From a TTY console, ‘cd’ to “~/.config/” – remove everything with ‘akonadi’ in the name; ‘akregatorrc’; ‘calendar_printing.rc’; ‘emaildefaults’; ‘emailidentities’; ‘eventviewsrc’; ‘kaddressbookrc’; ‘kmail2rc’; ‘kmailsearchindexingrc’; ‘kontactrc’; ‘kontact_summaryrc’; ‘korgacrc’; ‘korganizerrc’; ‘kpimcompletionorder’; ‘mailtransports’; ‘specialmailcollectionsrc’.

I think that the above list is fairly complete, but there may be something that I missed …

After the Akonadi and related KDE PIM local data and configuration has been deleted, you can login agin to KDE without having any Akonadi or PIM components being started at login – check with KSysguard that there’re no akonadi processes running from your user – check that, the user’s Akonadi directory in “/tmp/” hasn’t been recreated …

I had disabled akonadi also and it seemed to do the trick, but I went ahead and deleted the files/directories you suggested as well. Akonadi is no longer starting up at login. Thanks for the advice.

AFAICS what happens is that you have “Restore previous session” switched on. Kontact shouldn’t autostart, unless this item is switched on. Set it to start with a clean session. You can stop akonadi from autostarting in ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc

Used to be the case; the current KDE view seems to be this one: <;.