how do you install things in suse?

im finding it difficult to install things on here.

First of all i need and msn program, such as emesene, or something, could anyone help me with this?

There are a lot of packages already built and ready to install. You can do this via One Click or by adding the needed repositories. Rather than adding to the confusion of multiple repositories for a newbie, I suggest the One Click Installs whenever possible.

We have the WebPin and BuildService search engines which will search the repositories for any program or packages you might need. Give them a shot and see if you find everything.


If you have any questions, just ask.

I’ve installed emesene but when i go to sign in it says

"error during log in, please retry

protocol not supported by server"

What does this mean, and what can i do to fix it?

I’m sure someone has all the links you need to learn more about all this. But for start you will need to learn to use yast. Open yast - start>computer>yast open software managment and that is were you will find everything that opensuse offers you can also add 3rd party repositories from the section Software Repositories. If you need to run a windows program you will need to search for wine and install that. However, there is no guarentee that your program will run in wine. I don’t know what that app does but I’m sure there is a linux alternative. I’ve use linux almost exclusivly for 3 years and have yet to find problem that I couldn’t work around so hang in there.

Thank you, but how do i solve this?

when i sign into emesene it says

"error during log in, please retry

protocol not supported by server"

What does this mean, and what can i do to fix it?

By default with every CD/DVD KDE/GNOME installation you’ll get an instant messenger with MSN support.
If you have KDE installed search for Kopete in the “Start” menu. If you have GNOME installed then search for Empathy.

thank you, but i don’t liek ktope as much, is there a way to get around the issue with emesene?

just as an additional hint, there is a native linux clone for MSN it is
called aMsn and is available via webpin

I do not use it but our teenage daughter, so I know it works

Microsoft have changed protocol support for MSN.

emesene 1.01 no longer works.
You need to update to version 1.5.1 from the packman repo

To add the packman repo to your list go to
yast > software repositories > add > community repositories > packman repo

then OK your way out of there

Then go to

Software Management and run a search for emesene and click on the version you want to install (1.5.1)

It will probably want to install a few dependencies as well which you will need to accept if you really want to install emesene

Ok this was a very good suggestion.
Thanks for post it.

aMSN is written in TCL which makes it cross platform rather than Linux native :wink: Then again the point was probably that it runs under Linux… which it does.

To the OP, as you said you don’t like Kopete much (neither do I) I assume you’re using KDE. In which case I would use KMess rather than eMesene.
(EMesene is a Gnome application while KMess is a KDE application allthough both run under both desktops)

KMess can be found on webpin
some screenshots to show it blends in better with the rest of KDE than eMesene does :wink:.

Back to the original topic, how to install things.
I use this order

  • Google for the app that you want, find some name of it
  • Fire up YaST software management (how to do so was mentioned in a previous post)
  • Try finding the appname there, if it’s there install it. If it’s not there give webpin a try