how do you execute a command during boot up?

I want to execute some commands, as root user, during
the boot up process. What file do I need to edit
in order to achive this on OpenSuse?


put your commands in there

I put some test “mount” commands in this file.
They didn’t get executed for some reason.

I tested the command from the shell first, as root user,
and the mount commands work.

Also, there were other commands in that file, that
didn’t work either.

Hmm, I wonder why.

Where can you find a list of commands that can be put in there?

Any Command Line Interface command (command that works in a console) should work there. This is at runlevel 3 I think, but before runlevel 5, so calls to GUI interfaces mightn’t work there.

You can also use the template in /etc/init.d called skeleton to create
your own startup scripts. You also need to ensure you use the full path
to any commands as you may not have any environment set.

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One of the cool things about Knoppix is that they used a voice recording instead of music to signal the near-readiness of the desktop.

“Initiating startup sequence” was great, but I have other recordings I wouldn’t mind substituting for the current startup music in suse. Since a machine will be talking to me, something from Battlestar Galactica might be appropriate.

I would think that if knoppix can do it, so can suse.