How do you edit applications in the "Application Browser"?

When you click on “Computer”, then “More Applications” you open the “Application Browser”. I want to edit this menu as I have installed an application from a tar.gz file and I don’t have a “application icon” in the “Application Browser”

I also have some applications that are in the wrong group. (for example move an application from “Office” to “System”)

I am running SUSE 11.0 (Gnome session).

Have a look at the *.desktop files in /usr/share/applications. You can edit them with gedit for example. Just open the files and get an idea of how Groups, Application Names and Icons are organized and defined. It’s pretty simple. If you create your own *.desktop file for some compiled application, be sure to place it in /usr/share/applications to ensure it’ll appear systemwide in the Application Browser.

Hope that helps!

Find “Main Menu - User view” under “Control Center”. If there is no such icon, install the menu editing application, which I believe is called “alacarte”.