How do you delete an lvem pool?

Today, I decided to start using aide. I knew that I would need to secure the data base so I decided to create a separate lvm pool a create an encrypted partition within that would not be mounted at system start up and mount it to /var/lib/aide/. I created it with yast, formatted it ext4, and added the options no mount at system start up, no ACL, no access times, and no extended attributes. It was 2 GiB. Unfortunately, for some reson I was unable, even as root, to write to it. I deleted it and the pool but the pool remains. I tried again but no change I can’t figure out how to delete the pool partition. I then tried fdisk but to no avail. Ideas?

AFAIK, you would need to use the lvm tools, see man lvm, but would guess it’s pvremove.

Your dead right. Thanks