How Do You Add Plasmoids that You've Installed to your Desktop?

Hey Guys, I just recently configured my cmake and system to finally be able to cmake && make && make install stuff. I did it specifically for the Smooth-Tasks plasmoid. Everything went smoothly on the install, and it appears that everything went the way it should.

Now, my problem is that it does not display in my Widgets window when I click “Add Widgets…” How do I get my self-installed Plasmoid to appear on this list, or at least be useable on my desktop?

I’m on openSuse 11.3 using KDE 4.4 btw.

Thanks for any help!

Did you check the OBS ?

Smooth Tasks

I installed from KDE:Extra/openSUSE_11.3, it’s always worth checking before getting your hands dirty with compiling.

Always first check the repos…there’s so much out there, that compiling yourself is seldom wise. Not showing up is probably due to some environment variable.

I did check the repos and no results were found. It looks like I dont have the Extra repo added to my system. Can any of you help me add this repo to my computer? Terminal commands if possible.

Please feel free to suggest other repos too. Thanks!

First: be careful, too many repos may spoil the fun…

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Extra is the base of the Extra repo. Which of the ones in there you need, depends on where your KDE comes from. Take a look, you’ll find out. If not, post output of ‘zypper lr -d’ here.