How do we diagnose a kernel crash on 13.2?

New OpenSuse 13.2 amd 64 install

My system 13.2 has crashed a couple of times since installation. Same box runs OpenSuse 13.1 ok, but I am using a new Hard Drive for 13.2. Anyway the system froze and dropped to a command line today. I was able to view some log details that presented on the screen. Shortly after the system rebooted. I cannot seem to recover these logs for examination. How to we get to view a log after a crash? as /var/log/messages has gone, and so far journalctl cannot reproduce them.

Any ideas?

My question — if not here, where should I be looking for help with this?

Alternatively, do we have other kernels available for installation on Opensuse 13.2? Another kernel may help with this, but the logging question remains. How do we determine what went wrong?