how do this first start?

hi guys,

im very new to suse 11, and i have a problem: after installing the 64 bit version, giving my username and password, the system says

“have a lot of fun…” to me.

what do i have to type in? “startx” or sth.? pls help me guys…

ps: have kde 4.0.x

Maybe you are booting to runlevel 3 (that is without the graphical interface). Try to login as root and give the following command:
init 5
If that gives you a graphical login, and that is what you want in the future, edit the file /etc/inittab and change this line:

KDE 4 is junk. Reinstall the OS using KDE 3.

This problem has absolutely nothing to do with KDE4. KDE4 is not junk, it is just not finished yet.