How do kill a resource hogzilla in OpenSuse 11.2

Hi all

I just have had some flashback experiences from the old, sad, MS windows days. My computer slows down and crashes over time.

I have now tracked the miscreant to bootchartd, and specifically pybootchartd-gui, which for some reason are active in the background on my system.

The thing is that they continue writing to /tmp until my root partition gets full and my computer completely stops (and pybootchart-gui takes up 600-700MiB RAM).
There are no packages to uninstall with the bootchartd and I have not seen any settings where I can inactivate it.

Is there a smart way to kill this beast and are there reasons not to?

Should be bootchart should find it with yast and a search or zypper rm. Though strange I don’t have it installed, though can’t update at though mo.

I do not have it installed, but despite this there is an /sbin/bootchartd and it IS running on my system and the pybootchart-gui is eating my resources (until I kill them, that is - just very annoying to have to do that everytime though).

I do not know how safe it would be to just rm those files in sbin though…

according to this bootchartd can also be used by some programs to monitor /proc…

Safe… should be fine but far from ideal. It has to be installed what happens when you use then…

sudo zypper rm bootchartd

The other thing try stopping it

sudo bootchartd stop

It just collects stats from /proc and processes it into a pretty graph pic. Nothing depends on it for normal operations.

zypper does not find bootchartd installed, so apparently it does not know about it.

hmmm… strange. This was a clean install, so it should not be old legacy stuff.

OK one last thing to try still find it really strange as it doesn’t seem to be on a default well at least for me.

rpm -qf /sbin/bootchartd

I’m suspecting this will be the same though as afaik zypper still uses the rpm db. 2 things come to mind one a corrupt database, or a manual install of it.