how do i use sensors

How do I use sensors?

Have I installed it correctly, please give me very easy and basic advice, I never manage to get anything work in linux…

mycomputer:~> sudo sensors-detect
root’s password:
sudo: sensors-detect: command not found
mycomputer:~> sudo sensors
No sensors found!
Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
Try sensors-detect to find out which these are.

I tried installing ksensors, lm_sensors, something like grkellm and sensors together with libsensors4

I don’t know how to compile linux executables…

I’ve spend 3h30min on this, and I’m starting to get angry at all these guides which never give enough details and different versions and everything.

I’m using suse 11.1 x64

to use sudo you need to add yourself to whell group (you can do it in YaST). Anyway, going back to running this, open konsole, type su, put your password in, then type sensors-detect. After that you can generally press Y or YES. A the end it will tell you what it had detected. It will write it down a config file located in /etc/

To make use of widgets displaying temperature etc. you need to restart the system (though there could be some way to do it by lsmod etc. but restarting is the easiest way :D)

P.S. openSUSE doesn’t use sudo in such extensive way as Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Just do what it sugessted run **sensors-detect
**Just type it in a console then go to yast > system > run level and enable sensors

These directions worked for me but I can’t find a decent widget to display them. The only one I could find is useless to me. Who uses what?

There are many google-gadgets, karamba widgets that you could use. I am using the default widget and am happy with that :slight_smile:

The default widget didn’t have any numbers that I could see! I found no appropriate widgets under google. I must be looking in the wrong place. I don’t know how to run karamba with plasma, so I never looked there.

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The su console fixed it; thanks for your help.

I used sudo because I tested ubuntu before, but it wasn’t userfriendly at all and the forums horrible. I prefer opensuse A LOT!