How do I use Gnomes default "start menu"

I am new to OpenSuse (but not new to Linux.) So far, I am really loving it - but, I absolutely cannot stand what they have done to the Gnome Start Menu. Is there an easy way that anyone knows of to get rid of this and use the Gnome standard menus?

Forgive me if I am missing something obvious here, I recently switched from XFCE and my Gnome chops are a bit lacking.

This might be the way:
right-click on it and select Add to Panel…
Select Traditional Gnome Menu.

To replace the openSUSE menu with the default GNOME menu, do a right click to your panel and add a new panel applet - I’m not sure about the name, search for menu / default menu.
Good luck.

Thanks guys. Don’t I feel stupid :wink:

No need to feel that way. Next time, you can teach someone else. Receive free - Give free.

You learnt something new, this is far away from stupidity. :smiley: