How do i use a .Tar File

Hey i unzip the tar file but dont know what to do with it after that…can someone please assist me on what to do and hwo to use them. have some very inportant things I need but they are in tar files…thanks for your time


What is your tar file? As you have indicated you already have untared the file so if you look at the directory it created most source files contain a readme that provide directions on what and how to install. But not knowing exactly what the tar file is it is difficult to determine what to do next. I could tar (zip) a bunch of photos to you and once you untared (unzipped) them you could view them. Does that make sense? Can you provide more information regarding what the tar file is?

Well, I continued browsing the Applications board and noticed you already posted a thread identical to this one. It makes everyone’s life easier if you try and stick to one thread. Anyways, you indicated you are running OpenSuse 11.0 so why not just browse to and key in superkaramba,your app you are looking for, and use the 1ClickInstall. Makes life easier and there are tons of applications packaged already for OpenSuse.

as D8TA stated, you have already opened such a topic,here Hey How Do I Use Tar Files - openSUSE Forums therefore this one will be closed