How do I switch to Upstart?

Hi. I’m running the new OpenSuse 11.3 64-bit. Can anybody tell me how to switch from SysVinit to Upstart? Thanks!>:)

From what I can tell, you just have to install the upstart package via Yast or by doing “zypper install upstart” from the command line. You will get a dependency warning telling you that to install it, you will have to remove the sysvinit package. I did so and everything seemed to work automagically. After rebooting I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del to test if it was running and sure enough it brought up the logoff/shutdown dialog. I thought you had to modify your grub entry to use upstart instead of sysvinit but I guess they took care of that elsewhere. If you want to poke around, the file list for upstart in Yast lists all the relevant files.