How Do I Share linux shares With AD Users?

Added my linux box to my ADS Domain
With this Tut. Authenticating Linux against Active Directory
For some strange reason even though the Domain
name shows up on the kde loginscreen ,at the server
Authentication fails there.I mean interactively.
Also if i fail to login several times, kde freezes and I am forced to reboot. Also it freezes everytime I log off. I added the server as a regular user and not administrator. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
However if I log it in locally, the Windows Domain membership in yast has me in INSC.LOCAL, and I can view all the servers and directories that the user I used to add the linux server to the AD had. I might be able to work around this but it doesn’t make any sense. What I need
is a way to assign ad users rights, to my linux shares.
optionally probably would be a good thing to be able to log in interactively. I don’t have an ldap server running on the linux server. Although I did configure it but I shut it off. I am using ldap as my backend.
After configuring the Samba client and kerberos client was able to add the server. Do I need to run an ldap server to share my linux shares? :disapointed:
Do i need to install windbind also? or is kerberos enough alone to accomplish this?