How do I set up and use a dial up serial modem is suse 12.2 gnome?

I just installed suse 12.2 with a gnome desktop cd and I need to connect it to the internet.
Many years ago I used suse 10 but suse 12.2 is set up entirely different.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Not many use dial-up connectivity anymore. I’m not sure what dialling utilities are available on the Gnome CD. If you’re comfortable with terminal commands, then you could install ‘wvdial’ first. The ‘wvidailconf’ utility can be used to configure the modem, then ‘wvidal’ to dial.

For Gnome users, there is the ‘gnome-ppp’ graphical dialling utility available

zypper in gnome-ppp

Thanks DF!
I would have to be already connected to the internet to install gnome-ppp.
There is a dial up modem configuration in the suse 12.2 gnome yast but there is not
any indication on just how to turn it on after it has been set up.