How do I set up a daap server/client?

I just found out tonight that I could use my openSUSE desktop PC which is usually connected to my external HD with all my music on it to act as a server to “stream” music over my home network, so that I could, say, take my laptop in the living room and hook it up to the stereo, and play music from my room. My question is, how do I do this? I saw lots of info on the internet about programs called mt-daapd, howl, daapd firefly, etc., but I can’t get daapd to install (I have YET to successfully build ANYTHING from source in openSUSE for some reason, and the firefly, howl, and mt-daapd sites are all either not loading or nonexistent now. I’m just looking for hopefully some rpms I can use to get this going, and a little advice on how to do it. I’m also curious what linux programs I can use as clients. It would be awesome if I could do it with Amarok, as I already have it and use it.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks!


There is lots of helpful info here
Linux HOWTOs and Tutorials: Suse Linux 10.0, 10.1 openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, 11.0

I just use ssh
Amarok can use this too

You need to setup a key on the remote client (in your case the laptop)
Public Key Authentication - openSUSE

You need to open the ports (21, and 22 I think) in the server and make sure ssh is enabled.

This article gives similar info but also gives the info relating of transferring the key you make in the laptop - to the server

N.B* I actually put a password in rather than Not.

The to connect you can do something like

fish://*username_on the_server@server_LAN_IPaddress(eg192.168.0.100)/home

in kde3 you can use kssh, which has a frontend.

OK, I’ve done all that the tutorials say, up to transferring the client key to the server, because I can’t connect to the server from the client. It seems that I have this sort of problem with EVERY kind of remote access system (NTP, SAMBA, etc.) on this computer, EXCEPT printer sharing. To login from the client, all I’m doing is running


I tried it from the server itself, and it worked fine; I just can’t do it from another computer it seems. Any ideas as to what I have done wrong? I did remember to open port 22 in the ssh config even though the other instructions don’t mention that.


transferring the client key to the server, because I can’t connect to the server from the client

You can copy the key to a pen drive
it’s in hidden home/user/.ssh
and paste it to your box hidden home/user/.ssh

use the fish://
and try again

I will try that out. Regarding the fish, how exactly does that work? I tried that in a terminal window and it was very confused, so I’m guessing it’s a browser thing? Where do I run that?


Just tried copying the key manually, and renaming on the server as “authorized_keys”, still no dice. Does it matter that I’m using Ubuntu in the client machine?


From konqueror in the address bar for example:
But maybe you are using Gnome? Does N work like K


That your main box is Ubuntu should not matter, but I don’t know where you go to check ssh there or the ports.

I’m using KDE, however fish still doesn’t seem to be accepted, even in Konqueror.

Are you saying I should check that ssh ports on the Ubuntu client laptop are open? I can probably figure that out if I know what ports I need, though they should be open, as I’ve done ssh with this laptop before to communicate with my old desktop machine. I just don’t remember how I set it up, it seems so long ago…:dont-know: