How do I set password for multiple folders

Hello guys… I want to use opensuse 11 for data server…

I have 3 folder to share… Can I make a different password for each folder…??

Thanks for share… :):slight_smile:

A couple of way’s but here’s one:
If you use Samba, and they are called e.g. music, video and data, you could create Linux users named “music”, “video” and “data”. Then you could delete everything inside the home directories of /home/music and /home/video and /home/data, leaving only the bare folders. Then add the usernames “music”, “video” and “data” to the Samba user’s database, with different passwords.

Make three shares like this in smb.conf:

path = /home/music
valid users = music
read only = no         <== optional if you want it writeable

Strip out the default shares [homes] and [profiles] and [users] and [groups] because they share those directories in various ways.

Then a remote user has to authenticate like this:
username = music
password = music_password

There are variations on this theme.

Or if you want to use invisible shares you can use instead this share, which covers all three folders:

        valid users = %S
        browseable = No
        read only = No
        inherit acls = Yes

Then a user types this address in the browser: smb://servername/music (etc) to get access.

And other variations.