How do I set IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers in Network Settings?

Hi, to get my ethernet working I need these following options set in openSUSE.

> IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers.

I went to to YaST > System > Network Settings but most of the options are greyed out. It’s so confusing and I don’t find all the options it needed.

Where do I exactly set all these options in openSUSE?

Does not YaST say you are using NetworkManager and not Wicked?

When you use NetworkManager, YaST is not used for configuring and thus these functions are greyed out.

Sounds like your using Network Manager, then in the desktop settings depending on desktop environment in use.

If you want a GUI then:

If you’re using “wicked”, which I assume you’re not as ‘most of the options are greyed out’, then the settings are made from YaST

If you’re using Network Manager then the settings are made from (KDE) System Settings -> Connections (Or by right click on the Network Manager Icon in the KDE panel, and selecting “Configure Network Connections”).

Edit: hmm… I must type really slowly…

It does. Should I disable it or select ‘wicked service’?

I’m using KDE. But these options are really confusing to me.

The options were a bit confusing, but after a bit tweaking around, I finally figured it out now. :good:

It is you that should make some decisions (often already during installation).

When it is a “static” computer (in a computer room, always on the same table, and the like) you are good with Wicked.
If it is a “walk around” computer that is carried to several places where the end-user has to decide which of the available connections Wifi or cable) should be used at that moment in time, that end-user should be given the NetworkManager features (through the desktop).

Other choice:
Is DHCP used or not?
When yes, then IP address, netmask, default router and DNS servers are obtained from a system on the network (most often the router/modem from the Internet provider).
When not you must indeed enter all those in Wicked (mostly, because the usage of NetworkManager mostly involves the usage of the DHCP server of the net attached to), best using YaST > Network Settings.

All sorts of combinations are possible.