How do I set default domain in login screen?

I joined my computer to a Samba directory and I would like to have that domain as default in the login screen rather than <LOCAL> but I cannot figure how to do it.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance,


This seems to be a bug.

Maybe nobody will ever need to know this but anyways here it goes:

Edit /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc

Add (or modify) to [X-*-Greeter] section


After reboot under “Domain:” your will read “YOUR_DOMAIN” and the your_user in your user textbox.

If this procedure is deemed correct and recommended,

I should think this should be submitted somewhere (maybe bugzilla as a feature?) to be considered for default. Like “That other OS” when a machine has been added to a Network Domain of any type, it should be assumed to always take precedence (as a preference) over any local machine logon.

Would be a simple and easy modification to Source that should require minimal resources to implement, test/verify.