How do i set a static IP

I just did a fresh install of Leap 42.3. NetworkManager in KDE is running and it sets the ip via dhcp but i need to setup a static ip. I switched it to Wicked but the network doesnt work after i do that so I’m a bit stumped. How does one setup a static network IP?

Open the Network Manager icon and depending on your connection, select it and edit the profile to set your static ip, netmask, gateway and DNS servers.

For wicked via YaST -> System -> Network Settings on the Hostname/DNS tab set the hostname and DNS servers, gateway on the Routing tab, then on the Overview tab you need to select the device and press the edit key to add the ip address and netmask.

If you set a static IP through wicked, do not forget to enter the DNS’s ( and for Google’s ) and the gateway ( internal IP of your router )

Using Networkmanager, enter it’s settings and set it to ‘manual’ , enter the DNS’s + the gateway.

Ok, I got the static ip in NetworkManager - thanks!
Is there some way to stop kded from prompting for a kwallet password every time i log in?
Or better yet to get rid of them both?

If you set the connection up with ‘All users may connect to this network’ (system connection) then you won’t be prompted.