How do I remove a directory from Gnome Locations menu

For no known reason there are a few subdirectories added to my Gnome - Locations - menu. Both the traditional panel menu and the new - computer - menu
In the - computer - menu there is a option to remove items but this does not work.
Is there any way to remove those subdirectories from the menu list. or/and where can I find that list to edit this manually.
(menueditor alacarte does not edit locations and system) (Suse 11.1)


Open nautilus file manager and make sure the side pain is visible (if not, click View -> Side Pane OR press F9 to toggle). You will see the bookmarked Places in the panel on the bottom half. Right click on the one(s) you want to remove and and click “Remove” in the menu that appears.


I was afraid that the directories themselves would be deleted so I copied them first, but only the the directory entries in the menu are removed